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2020年9月25日曼荼羅福ぶろぐ, アート&クラフトセラピー

parent-child art therapy


Updated for 2021/2022

School holiday season only. (Some dates and time have been changed)

Would you like to have a new experience with your child before it locks down again (just in case?)?

*For personal distance reasons there are limited number of seats available.

Purpose and effect of art therapy

Art therapy is not aimed at drawing well or making good works.

Expressing the scene of the mind on the paper, before it becomes words, which often cannot be expressed verbally.

You will get some idea of your own deep psychology that you did not know.

And while you concentrate on what is in front of you, your mind and stress will be gradually released .

This is an therapeutic art session come from Japan aimed at creating a mindfulness effect.

This artwork has a therapeutic effect that can be reproduced at home.

* Bilingual Japanese/English class.

Parent-child drawing art therapy (elementary school students or over 5 years old *)

Children who draw pictures happily
The image is an image

The elementary school 1st and 2nd grade and under * children can freely draw the specified motif.

For third graders and above, multiple motifs are drawn according to the announcement to complete the story.

You can get a glimpse of your child’s hidden dreams, aspirations, talents, etc., and deepen the conversation between parents and children.

* Even a 4- or 5-year-old children can join if they can draw the subjects with the intention (even if it doesn’t look like that), such as a tree or face.

Please note:
The venue is not completely child safe (there are some steps ) Please keep eye on your children to stay dedicated area.
We can’t take any responsibility of any circumstances.

Art materials used: Crayons, coloured pencils & felt-tip pens

Event date

request it here

If you wish, we will send you an individual commentary on the psychological description that appears in the picture at a later date. (with additional fee)

Japanese Traditional craft  Tsumami-Zaic

Knob work butterfly
Knob work

(For children in the 4th grade and above who can fold a crane with origami paper)

2-day course

You can make hairpin or/and hat-decorations using the traditional Japanese craftsmanship technique.

This is an opportunity for parents and children to experience Japanese traditional culture and crafts.

Tsumami-Zaic is a fabric flower made by pinching with your fingers and glue without sewing.

It is challenging first time, but we will use larger size so that it is easy for children to make.

Moms also have the opportunity to make smaller and more complex Tsumami-zaic after the school holidays.

It is also ideal for reusing used thin cotton or silk cloth or unused handkerchiefs. It is also nice to make one by one for children’s Shichigosan or/and coming-of-age ceremonies. It can be used for various other things.


Event date

2 days  10 am-12:30pm

Please request

Ⓒ Mission art to find your own mission to draw with children after adolescence

Vision board
Art therapy
8 years old and over. * only children can be participated. I am current WWC  holder.

It is an art therapy that explores your true self in 1.5 hours and finds the hint of direction of your life.

Especially for children who have no dreams for their future and are wondering about the elective course at school, some hints and lights can be seen.

Those who participate multiple times will prepare different themes (improvement of relationships, determination, etc.)

event date

8~12y/ 60min, 12~17 y/ 90min

Ⓓ Mandala pointillism(Dots art) meditation experience (8 years old and above)

Dot drawing mandala

You will draw sacred geometry mandala with pointillism technique on 7 colours or black colour paper with white, gold or black pens.

You can expect the effect of developing concentration and strengthening of hands, eyes and brain coordination.

You can frame the finished product and decorate it, or carry it like a good luck charm.

Event date

2 hours


Terrace Road East Perth.

The Venue is close to Bus stop on Adelaide Terrace (CBD Free zone) and walkable(25min) from Elizabeth Quay station. There are many paid parking along the Terrace road (East Perth) free on Sunday.

Please note:
The venue is not completely child safe (there are some steps ) Please keep eye on your children to stay dedicated area.
We can’t take any responsibility of any circumstances.

Please see here for tuition fees. ↓

School Holiday Parent-Child Art Therapy Tuition Fee

Ⓐ Parent-child drawing art therapy

(elementary school students or 5 years old or older *) Parent-child pair $ 100 ($ 50 for each additional child)

Psychological description report counselling from the picture $ 50 for one person is not included

Ⓑ Craft therapy pinched work fabric flowers

(4th grade and above, about folding cranes with origami) 2 days

Parent and child $ 260 (including materials) $ 90 for each additional child

Ⓒ Mission art therapy to find your own mission to draw with children after adolescence

The material costs are included

13~17y (90min)  $ 90 per person $ 160 for 2 people, group of 4 or more @50

8y~12y (60min)  $50 per person, $80 for 2 persons , group of 4 or more @ 35

Ⓓ Mandala pointillism (Dots art) meditation experience (8 years old and above)

Parent and child $95 (including material cost) $ 45 for each additional child


Credit card

*Credit card is only available with small fee (2.5%) on Paypal or Sqare safe payment

please request the invoice here

Bank transfer (ANZ)

If you prefer Bank transfer please request the invoice here




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